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d Gonzales is one of those artists who has been around a long time, but hasn't always been easy to keep up with. Ed has followed his work (as a trainer and shower) around the country and currently resides in Florida.

He specializes in what he knows: gaited and "show" horses. He has sculpted a number of pieces of Arabians, National Show Horses, American Saddlebreds.

Ed's "Status Symbol" and "Miz Charisma" sculptures are also available in china through the Lakseshore Collection company.

Contact information:
Web site www.gonzales-studio.com
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The Gonzales Gallery

Artist Resins

American Spirit (Saddlebred Stallion, traditional)

Asad (The Lion; Arabian stallion, traditional)


Equinox (Draft stallion, traditional)

Impavido (Iberian Stallion, tradtional)

Kentucky Cabaret (Saddlebred Stallion, traditional)

Misha (Ahkal Teke mare, traditional)

Miz Charisma (Morgan Mare, traditional)


Revelation (Morgan Stallion, traditional)

Serenity (Arabian Mare, traditional)

Status Symbol (Arabian Stallion, traditional)

Summer Symphony (Warmblood mare, littlebit)

Customized Work

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