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ue Glandon of Wyndchaser Design, has been collecting model horses since 1966 and has been designing stunningly unique Arabian show costumes for the hobby since 2001.   She also live shows the many Arabians in the WyndChaser show string, which has expanded to include Spanish breeds and ASBs.  

For her costumes, Sue uses only quality hand-picked fabrics, trims & beads, including premium precious & semi-precious gemstones, Genuine Swarovski lead crystal & metal beads to create exquisite detailing! Trim & accents have been carefully coordinated to compliment the beauty & movement of each design. Never production-line products; each costume is designed & created one at a time, stitched--not glued--with much of the work done by hand.

Sue has also expanded into dioramas. Each diorama is built upon a solid wood base that has had its module name hand-carved, and individual serial number embedded and glazed into it. Every tent is a unique, fabric-covered creation jam-packed with breath-taking miniature details. The "Silk Road" series is limited to a total of twelve pieces.

Other responsibilities keep Sue extremely busy, including animal-assisted therapy activities with her two dogs, so Sue's books are rarely open to custom orders. 

Sue's husband, Greg, runs WyndChaser Studio, occasionally offering LSQ customized and painted models. Greg live shows as well, and prefers collecting and performance showing draft and harness horses.


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Top: Desert Ransom Hollywood Style Arab Costume Designed 2005 by WyndChaser Arabian Design. Shown on mild CM'd OF PS Arab Nakiva. Photo by Sue Glandon.

Bottom: Abdul-Sabur's Basket Emporium. Abdul-Sabur works very hard making baskets all day in the hot sun. He hopes traders will be coming soon to purchase some of his wares. Diorama features a basket-weaver's tent & one palm tree. Photo by Sue Glandon. Part of the Silk Road Diorama series.

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