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ris Gee, Chrome Lotus Studios, of England, is one of the hobby's most innovative and adventurous diorama makers specializing in unique displays for model horse performance and scenic photography. On occasion Kris also customizes the odd model Arabian.

Kris can be contacted through her website

The Gee Gallery


Desert oasis
Created in 2003. Owned by Liz Shaw.

Desert oasis
Created in 2003. Owned by Lisa Bickford.

Desert oasis with waterfall and 3-D sculpted sand dunes back ground
Created in 2003. Owned by Lisa Miller.

Desert oasis
Created 2003. Sold on Model Exchange. Shown with unpainted Peter Stone Arabian model.

Desert oasis
Created in 2003. Owned by Karen Van Meter.

Desert oasis with waterfall
Created in 2003. Owned by Nicki Collins.

Ancient Egyptian Palace Wall
With hieroglyphics and pharaoh busts. Peter Stone Arabian wearing Arabian Acres costume by Liz Shaw. This diorama was a donation for the Australasian International Model Horse Club 10th Anniversary show auction. Photos by Liz Shaw.

Desert oasis with waterfall
With extensive sculpted rockface and large rippling pool. Donation to the NAN auction 2004.

Desert oasis with bubbling pool
And raised sand dunes with greenery. Owned by Sue Thompson.

River Nile diorama
Stablemate scale. Owned by Lisa Bickford.

Red Sea Reef
Created in 2004. Owned by Kris Gee.

Arabic stable yard
Created in 2004. Arabic stable yard diorama. Owned by Sue Thompson.

Danger Mountain
A Native American/Western trail diorama.

Majestic waterfall/stream diorama.

Country Trail
An English countryside diorama featuring a Stacey Tumlinson Fabio resin painted by Sheila Anderson.

Egyptian ruins
An Ancient Egyptian ruins diorama with faded hieroglyphics and two statues.

Customized pieces

Chrome Lotus’ Thaqib
Dapple grey Arabian stallion customized from the Peter Stone Arabian. Created 2004. Owned by Caroline Hodges.

Faraar Al Sahra
Dapple grey Arabian stallion customized from the Breyer Huckleberry Bey; created 2003. Owned by Jackie Beaman.

Badieh Zahra
Fleabitten grey Arabian Mare customized from the Breyer Sagr; created 2003. Owned by Elli Garnett.

Chrome Lotus Ellam
Star dappled rose grey Arabian stallion from the Breyer Sagr mold in 2004. Owned by Jean Radde.

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