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heryl Garcia started Pour House Ceramics (PHC) with her husband Dave in the fall of 2004. This one-lady studio is located in Pemberville, Ohio, a small country town. They started Rockledge Farms in 1995 and began showing and barrel racing Quarter horses. Later they added breeding and showing miniature horses.

How did she get started in ceramics? As Cheryl tells it: "Well, they say every gray cloud has a silver lining, but, in this case, it's a GLAZE lining! In 2003 I had to have a spinal surgery to fuse my spine back together or give up walking. The choice was not hard. This led to lots of free time as I recovered. I started painting ceramic horses, and I painted, and painted, and painted.......! Soon we purchased our first molds and a kiln. All the horses made at PHC are hand poured, painted, and fired by myself. I have sculpted my own models and made master molds. I constantly research and try new techniques to get the most accurate color patterns and detail on the horses I paint. In 2006 I attended my first NAMHSA show. I placed with the 3 horses I took, one receiving a NAN card. I was both thrilled and HOOKED!! In 2007 I started experimenting with resin horses. My first victim will be General Holme by Gudrun Schmidt, a birthday gift from a very special friend. The first horse I ever sold under the name of PHC is owned by my Mom, Mary Ann Woolley."

Cheryl and Dave have two "sweet" children, Austin and Emily. Em shares her mother's love of horses and is already becoming an artist at a very young age. Austin prefers his horsepower in cars. Cheryl is fortunate, indeed, that Dave supports her in every endeavor. Cheryl's horses have been sold and shown successfully worldwide.

You can find her horses for sale on eBay under the seller name of "pourhouseceramics".

The Garcia Gallery

Ceramic releases

Custom Glazed

Pit Firing

Customized work

Photo credits:

Top: Cheryl working on a piece.

Upper Middle: Bulldog, 7 “ tall. 2007. Cheryl also branches out to other animals now and then.

Lower Middle: Horse Hair Pottery where horse hair is added to make the pattern. Photo by Cheryl.

Bottom: Headstudy, Customized Breyer Wixom drafter; created 2008.

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