Melodie Dowell reports: Eric and Walter Gort started the Gort China Company in 1944 in Metuchen, New Jersey. These two brothers were originally from Hungary and emigrated to the United States in the early forties. Eric Gort was an artist and sculpter. Walter Gort was a ceramic engineer. Together they produced some of the highest quality bone china figurines made in America. Their figurines covered a wide range of subjects including birds, dogs, and people. Their people figurines were generally done in small series with a common theme including such subjects as children, oriental scenes, americana/folk scenes, colonial scenes, etc...Though the Gort China Company was initially very sucessful, by the early 1950s it was having financial problems. The company could not compete against cheaper foreign imports and eventually closed in the mid 1950's.

Photo above left: Gort China sitcker from 7" walking foal. Image provided by Melodie Dowell.

Walking foal in chestnut
7" high. Image provided by Melodie Dowell.

Bird figure base
Melodie Dowell reports: This bird has the typical Gort markings. The Gort tower symbol, the decorators initial (K), the number and name of the bird (56B - Lovebird), and the designers name (BY JACOB). Image provided by Melodie Dowell.

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