This company started in about 1973; between 1970-197x they produced a line of poseable plastic horses and riders to go along with the currently popular Westerns.

left: donkey in grey dun; 8" tall, from the Lone Ranger and Tonto set. Shown as "Taco," and owned by Juanita Snyder

Lone Ranger's horse, owned by Debby Shy

9.5" tall; part of the Lone Ranger Toys--has jointed legs, head and rubberized tail. Produced in 1977-1978. Came with simple plastic bridle, "Indian" saddle blanket with elastic girth and stand/platform of plastic molded "rocks" with depressions for Banjo's back feet so he could be positioned in a rear. Photo provided by Traci Hilbert.
Julia reports: The horse currently listed as 'Banjo' is not from Gabriel and it is not called Banjo. The horse you are showing is made by 'American Character' and belongs to the Bonanza Series. I think it is the horse of Ben Cartwright (but I'm not 100% sure of that).

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