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ristina Lucas Francis has been a relatively "quiet" artist (not heavily promoting her pieces), but very persuasive.

After having set up shop in Southern California, Kristina and her family have moved to Tennessee. She is enjoying the rural area and has a couple of Fjord ponies in her back yard, enjoys her chamelons and other animals.

Kristina is married to Paul.

Contact Kristina here.

Photo credit: Kristina posing with her one-of-a-kind china drafter winning a championship at local show.

The Lucas Francis Gallery


Sia in Bay
Arabian yearling resin produced in 1998 as a limited edition of 90; this beauty was painted by Thomas Bainbridge and owned by Cynthia Gardner

Kulfi in Dapple Grey
Mauwri stallion customized by Sarah Minkiewicz-Bruenig

Galatea in Bay Overo
Mustang mare shown as "Hopes & Dreams," customized by Carrie Sapp and owned by Margaret Thompson

Chestnut Arabian colt customized by Chris Nandell

Kinetic Potential
Dapple grey warmblood gelding painted by Thomas Bainbridge. Released through EquineXpressions.

Kinetic Potential
Bay pinto warmblood gelding painted by unknown. Released through EquineXpressions.

U Know


Mudir in chestnut
Bay pinto Arabian painted by unknown.

Mudir in dapple grey
Bay pinto Arabian painted by unknown.

Palomino overo paint mare customized from the Kristina Lucas Francis Phoenix resin painted by Vickie Meader; created in 2007. Owned by Vickie Meader.

KGs Wannago Closer
Bay blanket Appaloosa mare, customized from the customized from the Kristina Lucas Francis Phoenix resin by Kolean Gouyton; created 2008 for owner Des Corbett.


Gasda (braided trotting version)

China pieces

Spark Gap in Strawberry Roan
Standardbred produced as a limited edition ceramic in 1998, painted as shown above as a portrait of "Red Rhone;" this piece was also released as limited edition resin cast

Cleveland Bay gelding in large classic scale, a limited edition of 20 factory finish ceramic pieces. No bisques, tests or glaze customs were sold. A resin edition may be released but will be custom finished only..

Knut in Brown Dun
This Traditional-scale stallion was a Summer 1997 release in china limited to 30 pieces

Voltage in Chestnut
Each Voltage was glazed with unique markings; this one has three socks and a wide blaze. Shown as "Astraea," Thoroughbred/Selle Francais mare owned by Liz Holm

Voltage in Fleabitten Grey
Each Voltage was glazed with unique markings; this one has one pink hoof and a pink snip. The chestnut fleabites on the gray Voltages are so tiny and detailed that they hardly show in photos. This one is shown as "Lady Jane," Thoroughbred mare owned by Liz Holm

Tesla in dun pinto
Unknown release information.

Unknown in bay
Unknown release information.


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