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ee Francis has been customizing models for many years and it SHOWS--she's one of our hobby's most talented artists and though they aren't all showing in her Gallery yet, Lee has done over 400 models in her customizing career!

Lee is a real fan of stock breeds, ponies, and "long ears" (especially zebras), and you'll notice that a large number of her creations are spotted or striped in some way, which is her specialty! These models are very sought-after, especially her zebras and wonderful ponies. Lee works in acrylics and is wonderful at detailing each of her creations no matter what size!

If you would like to get in touch with Lee, you may click on her name or write to her snail mail address below:

Lee Francis
PO Box 391
Scottsmoor, FL 32775 

The Francis Gallery


Customized Models

Photo Credits

Top: Zeebee, Grant's Zebra mare customized from the Breyer Traditional Misty by Lee Francis and owned by Janet Piercy

Bottom: sorrel Shetland pony mare customized from the Breyer Traditional Shetland Pony and owned by Lee Francis; created in 1994

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