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rancis Eustis was a world-famous artist reknowned for his beautiful, life-like horse sculptures. His work is on display at many museums around the world, including a large collection at Kentucky Horse Park's Museum of the Horse. For many years, Mr. Eustis offered resincast editions of his sculptures, custom-painting each one in oils. There are a few of these beauties owned by model horse hobbiests, but they're a rare find!

Having been a fan of Francis Eustis for years, I was lucky enough to collect several brochures from him back in the early 1980's that show many of his horse and equine sculptures. Most of the pictures in this gallery are only in black and white, but you can still see the beautiful quality of these horses. I'm in the process of collecting full-color pictures and will put them in place of the black and whites as I get them. Always looking for more images of Eustis pieces.

Mr. Eustis passed away on August 2, 1997, but he will always be remembered for his amazing talents as an artist, and as a breeder of fine draft horses. I am proud to be able to say that Francis got the chance to see his gallery before he passed away and it meant a lot to him. About six months before he died, I was contacted by the curator of the Kentucky Horse Park's museum, who told me that he knew Francis, and had contacted him to let him know about the online gallery. Francis was thrilled to hear that someone put a website up for him on the internet and made a special trip to Kentucky Horse Park so that he could see the gallery I created for him from the computer located there at the museum. Francis was so impressed that he asked me to call him, and when I did, Francis thanked me for putting such a nice presentation of his work online. It was a very special moment for me to be admired by someone who I respected so much. I am happy that I was able to do something for Francis, and help to make him live forever through the pages of his virtual gallery.

Carl F Gravenkemper comments: I thought you might be interested in this info about Francis Eustis. He is well know for his Horse work,but he & his mother were both well known Jersey Cattle breeders. I purchased 2 cows from him in the early 60's , & had the privilege of talking with him on a number of occasions. I have in my home ,a bull head of a Jersey Bull ,that was one of his works, it is signed on the back by him. He also did some other cow works for breeders & the American Jersey Cattle Club,as well as some Zoo animals for the Cincinnati Zoo. These were sold as a money making project for the Zoo. He was at one time a member of the Zoo's Board of Directors. I also have several Milk bottles from his mothers farm,Breezy Hill Farms of Cincinnati. The last time I spoke to him,I was attempting to locate a Cottage Cheese bottle for him ,from the old Farm. I am sorry to say,I located it ,2 weeks after his death. A friend of mine has a large Beautiful portrait he did of a cow they owned,that was a National Grand Champion.
The most impressive thing,to me ,about the man was ,with all his talent & wealth. He was still a very humble,& kind man, who seemed to care for all,no matter what there station in life was.

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