The Equorum Model Horse Stud is a fairly new company in England. It was established in 2008 by Miss Helen Moore and her sister Alice. Helen is the sculptor and painter and Alice runs the business end. Helen makes latex horses in varying sizes. When she started, they were small and very similar to Julip. As she has grown, her horses have also grown. They now run anywhere from micro mini to Classic to small Traditional size. She has just recently added a mini pony, called Pixie Ponies. These are very tiny. Her horses are very realistic and each one comes with a unique number on the bottom of one hoof. They also come in their own box with a certificate of registration. It names the Sire and Dam and the buyer can fill in the rest of the certificate just like a real horse. There is a very large range of horses, ponies, riders, and accessories in this company, and it continues to add more frequently.

Company website.

Left: Dales pony, rider; owned by Kim Mason.





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