Founded in 2004 by long-time model horse collector and equestrian journalist Jeanne Rudmann Grunert, the EquinArt Creations model horse company sells unique, realistic and affordable model horses and equine art.  The company commissions unique models from various sculptors and acts as the marketing partner for various other artists, handling sales, marketing and shipping for their models.  Artists represented by the company include Maggie Bennett, Cathy Bercier, Candace Liddy, Sheri Rhodes and many, many more.   Horses are cast in resin, china, porcelain, pewter and bronze.  The company is the home of the pewter micro mini, which started a collecting craze in 2005 that continues to this day. The company releases most of its model unpainted, although in 2004-2005 they experimented with Original Finish resin releases and their first three releases – Innocence, Gypsy II, and Jethro were available in OF colors.   The company runs a Collectors Club through their Yahoo Group and painted, one-of-a-kind models are made available through open auction to Collectors Club Members only, as well a special sales, newsletters and other news.  Long-time model horse collector, equestrian, equine journalist and marketing manager Jeanne Rudmann Grunert and her husband, John Grunert, runs the company.   The company has a reputation for fast shipping, honesty, and quality of resin casts from their casting partners, Mountain View Studios and other companies.  Company website.

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