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orinne Ensor's involvement in the hobby started out in the mid '80s with little bit of everything -- remaking/painting/tack, and quickly focused on tackmaking.

Not being particularly prolific, her name previously was known mostly to people on the East Coast as Corinne would sell at the occasional live show here and there, mostly in the Mid-Atlantic area. The internet has changed that, with contacts from East to West, as well as overseas!

If you would like to contact Corinne, you can email her.

The Ensor Gallery

Western Pleasure
Coyote, liver chestnut Quarter Horse gelding customized from the Breyer Traditional Stud Spider and owned by Susan Rudnicki; tack by Corinne Ensor

Bay Quarter Horse gelding customized from the Breyer Littlebit Thoroughbred by Laura Rock-Smith; calf by Lee Francis, tack by Corrine Ensor, photo by Carol Gerhard and provided by Nora Doyle

Walking forward to put slack in rope to be sure calf remains tied. SJ Canterbury Wine, chestnut blanketed Appaloosa mare customized from the Breyer Little Bit Quarter Horse by Jeanine Hartrampf and owned by Nora Doyle; tack by Cornne Ensor, photo by Carol Gerhard

Plantation style saddle, bridle, circa 1893
Created in 2007 for the NAMHSA auction.

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