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heri Elder was an artist who was active in the early 1980's and produced very nice airbrushed model horses in a variety of breeds. Although she didn't do many drasticly customized models, her attention to shading, detailing, and hairing made her horses stand out in a crowd, and won many awards across the county.

Here then, is a small showing of Cheri's work. One sign of a good artist is if a model is still competitive in the show arena even after many years, and I think you'll agree that these horses would do just fine amidst today's competition!

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Photo credits:

Top: Dynasty Road Warrior, grulla Quarter Horse mare customized from the Breyer Traditional San Domingo and owned by Teresa Fedak

Bottom: Dynasty Asteroid, chestnut Shetland pony stallion customized from the Breyer Classic Merrylegs and owned by Teresa Fedak

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