Ebeling & Reuss, AKA E&R Golden Crown, AKA "E&R"

Ebeling & Reuss was an importer of high quality giftware and distributor to the North American market. The firm operated from Philadelphia around 1886 and later relocated to Devon, Pennsylvania where it was still active until the late 1990s. Ebeling and Reuss was a major supplier of porcelain figurines to shops in North Eastern United States. It imported a wide variety of goods, including many animal figures. The company's import volume peaked in the late 1940s/50s, George Ebeling being a long time manager of the firm in the middle of the 20th Century.

A number of pieces were produced under the company name of Erphila, an acronym for Ebeling & Reuss, Philadelphia (E+R+Phila).

The firm imported its wares from many factories, including German firms of Fuerstenberg Porcelain from Fuerstenberg, Goebel Porcelain from Redental, Heinrich & Company from Selb, and Carl Schumann Porcelain from Bavaria. It also imported goods from Ditmar-Urbach in Teplitz, Czechoslovakia and Wien Keramos of Austria. E&R did not manufacture their goods and figurines, rather they commissioned and imported them.

Ebeling & Reuss were sold to Strathmore Corp. of Pennsylvania in April 2002.

Ebeling & Reuss
6500 Chapman Rd Allentown, PA USA 18106
Phone: 610-366-8304
Toll Free: 800-843-9551 Fax: 610-366-8304


Photo credit: E&R Gold Crown sticker provided by Kathy Williams.

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