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aren (Bartholomew) Dietrich has been collecting Model Horses since 1980 -- her first models were the Classic Arabian and Mustang Families. She is an avid collector of Breyers, Hagen-Renakers, and unpainted resins, and her collection currently totals over 2500+ models!

Karen began repainting in 1981 and in 1983 she learned the art of repairing broken models, a service she offers now to fellow hobbiests. She began offering her work in the late 1980's; she also donates her services for worthy causes. She now dedicates her time to ceramics,judging at live shows,restoring and repainting.

Karen has judged and shown at NAMSHA and has her own series of shows yearly.

She is currently the President and was one of the co- founders of the Model Equine Photo Showers Association; she has also been the Vice president for the Totally Online Photo Showers Association, in 1999 which holds On-Line shows for model showers. Karen is also an active photo shower and live show judge.

Karen is an active horse woman and has shown real horses all of her life. She owns a 5 ponies out of her late shetland stallion and several mares of hackney/welsh breeding. She also owns and raises manx cats and also raises Jack Russel Terriers for agility.

If you would like to contact Karen, you can send email by clicking on her highlighted name.

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Photo credits:
Dark bay Morgan stallion customized from the Moody resin, "Magnificence," and owned by Mary Lineman; created in 1997

Bottom: Smutty palomino Mawari stallion customized from the Lucas resin, "Kulfi"

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