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erri Dewit has been in love with horses from early childhood. Her first Breyer was the Traditional Family Arabian Stallion in woodgrain that she got as a gift when she was about twelve (he has long since disappeared with the rest of her 'toys'). She rediscovered Breyers when she saw an article about them in an antiques publication about six years ago, and has been collecting ever since.

Terri is 49 years old, and started repainting models about a year ago when an online friend encouraged her to it after seeing her touch up a few show string models. Terri purchased a $20 airbrush kit from Wal-Mart, and went from there. She still uses that cheapo airbrush, but has added a compressor and airtank for a more dependable source of air than the cans of compressed air. She personally likes the look she gets on models with that little airbrush. Terri has been told her models are sometimes mistaken for test runs at live shows, and the "original finish look" is what she is after when she paint models.

Terri is already getting fans. There are several collectors of her models who wait anxiously for her latest offerings. One person, who has become a close on-line friend, has over 50 of her repaints, and others has five or more, and are always waiting for more. Terri does very little actual customizing other than moving a leg or two, or a tail release. She is experimenting with more extensive remaking, but for now will mainly stick with what she enjoy most...painting.

If you would like to contace Terri, you can email her by clicking on her highlighted name.

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Photo credits:

Top: Dressed to Thrill, gray Quarter Horse stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Adios and owned by Lyn Arnold; created in 1998

Middle: Dark chestnut blanketed Appaloosa mare customized from the Breyer traditional Lady Phase and owned by unknown; created in 1998

Bottom: Black tobiano Mustang stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Running Stallion and owned by unknown; created in 1998

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