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indy Dalton's been in the hobby since 1983. She got the opportunity to meet Chris Nandell, then Cook, who helped get her started in the repainting aspect of the hobby. She started working in oils, and then about two years ago switched to acrylics with an airbrush.

Cindy prefers painting artist resins such as those from DaBar and Animal Artistry, and doesn't paint or remake Breyers much anymore, though of course that's where she got started. She hopes to keep painting for DaBar and trying different colors and patterns.

In the world of real horses, Cindy's been a riding instructor, leased an Arabian gelding once, and just started riding a Quarter Horse mare for an American Airlines pilot. She's never owned her own horse, instead "borrowing" friend's horses or given riding lessons in exchange for riding privileges.

Cindy works for American Airlines at DFW in a ground support job, and has a guinea pig named Tribble. (Note from Janet: I *LOVE* piggies!!) She likes to travel to places she's never been, as well as returning to favorite destinations, such as California.

If you would like to get in touch with Cindy, you can contact her by email by clicking on her highlighted name. You can also get more information about her work in Carrie Sapp's Model Horse Sales Pages, where she has an online portfolio.

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Dapple grey Thoroughbred gelding customized from the D'arry Frank resin, "Mozart"

Bottom: Dark dapple grey Arabian stallion customized from the Kathleen Moody resin, "Splendid Adventure" with hand-detailed green, burgundy, and gold costume

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