Casalavo of Spain The Clothes Horse Coronet
Castagna Cloudside COWS (Carol's Origina WorkS)
CDGC Clover Craft House
Ceramica De Cuernavaca Coalport Creart Mexico
Chapin CollectA Creata
Chase Conversation Concepts Crowley China
Cheval Coopercraft Crown Sussex
Chilmark Copperfox Model Horses Cybis
Choice Imports Corlett Collectables  

Kate Cabot Donna Chaney Faye Cohen
Karen Caldwell Jane Chapman Christine Cormier
Tracie Caller Eva Chavez Michelle Corn
Dawn Calo Deb Chenoweth Mr. Cottrell
Kitty Cantrell Richard Clark Jamie Coughlin
Diane Capwell Judy Claspill Vanessa Crawley
Karen Cassavant Polly Cleveland

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