This company resides in Cheshire, England, and makes all kinds of resincast figurines ranging from people to animals, and all are finely detailed and beautiful to look at. They have many horses, ponies, foals and head busts, as well as a set of unicorns and a pegasus, which are actually duplicates of the horses with horns or wings added. The horses include the following positions: lying down, half-rearing, full-rearing, in a passage, and a trotting Clydesdale in a molded-on harness. The ponies include a running Shetland stallion and a riding pony eating out of a girl's hand. The foals include an adorable sleeping baby and one nipping an itch near its withers. The mounted horses include two separate dressage horses: one is ridden sidesaddle by a woman, the other is ridden formally by a man; two different steeplechasing scenes: a single jumper and that same jumper with another one; a fabulous polo scene with one rider; and a girl riding her pony. Their busts include a head of a pony, a generic horse, an Arab and a draft.

Photo Credit: Pony head sculpture in grey; photo scanned in from the Cloudside catalog

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