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olly Cleveland, of Southern Crystal Ranch, formerly known as Polly Fields, has helped the hobby by making extremely detailed jumps, obstacles.

If you would like to get in touch with Polly, you may click on her name to send her email.

The Cleveland Gallery

Stadium Jumper
Bay Trakehner stallion, customized from the Breyer Traditional Dream Weaver by Diane Capwell and owned by Polly Fields. "True Trooper," is shown here traversing the Olympic "Glory" stadium jump, made by Polly Cleveland.

Combination Jump
Bay Trakehner stallion, customized from the Breyer Traditional Dream Weaver by Diane Capwell and owned by Polly Fields. "True Trooper," is shown here traversing a combination cross-country jump, made by Polly Cleveland.

Lifeguard Jump
This traditional sized jump was made for Meighan Daly in 2001. It is patterned after a real jump used in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gem Twist Triple Jump
This traditional sized jump was made for Meighan Daly in 2001. It is patterned after a real jump used in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rosette/Ribbon Jump
This jump was made as a custom jump for Kay Norris and debuted at SSLS '97 (winning the jumping class!). Kay went on to win NATIONAL CHAMPION in stadium jumping (with this ribbon jump!) at NAN 1997.

Rosette/Ribbon Jump
The "real" jump that inspired the above jump.

Snowy Stream
This scene was purchased by Diana Patterson. Shown here with an OF Peter Stone wesern pleasure horse. It starts with a lightly sloping hill up to a area that leads to a small stream. The entire area is covered in grass that is totally covered in snow - there is both powdered and textured snow. This scene has two trees- one
large evergreen covered with snow and one smaller hardwood that has lost its leaves for the winter - the trees are removable for easier transport. The small stream is crystal clear with small patches of snow/ice that have broken off in the water. There is a small racoon that is looking for a meal!

Life's a Beach
The little extras that make up this scene include resin water, complete with ripples (photo below), tiny sea shells along the shoreline, sand dunes (photo below), sea grasses and a sand covered boardwalk. Congratulations to Diana Patterson for purchasing this piece!

White Arch
Completed in early 2001, this jump was made especially for Sara Butler and her D'ary Jone Frank Vesper resin, "Jack Be Nimble". This jump helped Sara and Jack "Top Ten" at NAN 2001 in Lexington KY in a VERY hard (and large - twelve tables full!) stadium jumping class.

Railroad Tunnel
Shown here with Elaine Sulser's Spyder resin, Deveraux Garrett. This jump was sold to Samantha Cato. This is a jump through type of jump - the part jumped through is a faux train tunnel opening. The element consists of stained logs and a small piece of train track (secured). There are train crossing signs at the left and right that really flash! NEWS FLASH : Sam and her little D,ary Spyder resin won first place at Savannah Live with this setup - watch out for it at NAN 2001!

Alaskan Steps
Custom cross country jump created for Gail Berg. Inspired by Inuit totems picked up on some of Gail's international travels, Polly created this HUGE jump.

Geisha Liverpool jump
Yet another jump cutomized for Gail Berg with international souvenirs. These are Japanese oragami dolls mounted as wings over a liverpool.

Snowflake oxer jump
Created circa 2003. Shown with Extreme Justice II resin, painted by unknown.

Hunter pole and wall jump
Created circa 2003.

Lattice panel and pole stadium jump
Created circa 2003. Shown with Peter Stone Thoroughbred mold.

Rock Ditch and brush cross country jump
Created 2006.

Rock Ditch and brush cross country jump
Photo of the real jump that inspired the above.

Lorri Savage Breast Cancer memorial jump
Donated to the NAMHSA 2007 auction. In memory of Lorri Savage February 14, 1965 - September 28, 2006

For the first time, a theme was established for the NAN auction. 2007's theme was "Moments," to focus on moments throughout history of the horse or the history of the hobby. I chose to have my jump represent a particular individual that made an impact on the model horse hobby - Lorri Savage. Lorri was a dear friend that I met through model horses and model horse events. Lorri LOVED the hobby - collecting and showing for many years. She was a member and officer of GEM (Georgia Equine Miniaturists). She also served as NAMHSA representative for Region 6 for many years. Lorri LOVED going to NAN and hanging out with her friends and showing her models. Lorri wona "Ransom" gold charm pinto San Domingo raffle model at Breyerfest in 1999. She ran through the Breyerfest tent screaming at the top of her lungs "I WON! I WON!"...What a kid at heart she was!

Unfortunately, Lorri was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in the fall of 2004 and she was given little hope of living until that Christmas. Lorri emerged as a fighter the likes of which I've never seen and stayed with us until the fall of 2006. During that time, she fought HARD against the disease but she also remained a model horse fan - attending and winning big at the GEM year end banquet in January 2005 ... and attending NAN in Las Vegas in 2005 (when doctors thought she wouldn't even be alive)!

The jump I have created is not extravagant - Lorri was not extravagant. You might even say the jump is understated for the person it represents. YET.....it stands bold in all it's pinks and whites - to stand for all those, including Lorri, that have had breast cancer touch and invade thier lives. Only a small pink ribbon adorns the center element. A testiment of hope to all.

Tiny pink and white flowers (8 different boxes) can be placed all along the sides of the jump - another sign of the beauty and perserverance of the people who deal with this issue. The jump comes with directional flags and jump number (Lorri's birthday was Feb 14th). The jump was made to be versatile, too. There are enough pink and white poles to have a different arrangement of just a pole oxer. The poles and flowers can also be used separately in a trail class.

Ditch and brush cross country jump
Donation to NAN 2008 auction. NAN 2008 Cross Country Jump "Keeper's Brush". Polly describes this piece: This year, in keeping with the Kentucky theme, I recreated a jump from the world famous Rolex cross country course of Lexington, Kentucky. This jump is from a previous course (I think 2007) and is called "Keeper's Brush." Although it was jump #26 at Rolex, I numbered my version as #13, since this is my 13th NAN Auction donation. The jump was described as a "lovely fence to run and jump that should give horses and riders a great feel and a bit of fun." It is traditional scale and can be used with a variety of jumping models that have the acrylic bases.

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