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eborah Chenoweth, of Adahna Studios, has been in and out of the hobby since 1973, but has only been customizing since about 1988. She's been actively customizing since January, 1995, and released her first resincast early that year, a Morgan called Marksman. Her second resin was just released at the end of 1996, a lovely Classic-scale Saddlebred called Showtime, and she released a third resin in 1997. Deb uses airbrushing for her painting medium, with hand-painted detailing, white markings and most spotted patterns.

Deb is thrilled by all the support and praise her resincasts and customized models have been receiving. She loves the hobby for all it has to offer and most of all, for the wonderful people that are in it. She is amazed at how far she's come since she began her collection in 1967 with a Running Mare!

Deb has been experiencing some serious health problems since 2000, so is no longer actively doing any art work or casting. If you would like to get in touch with Deb, her snail mail address is below:

Adahna Studios
Deb Chenoweth
PO Box 2361
Cody, WY 28414

The Chenoweth Gallery


Customized Models

Photo Credits:

Top: dark grey Morgan stallion, customized from the Breyer Traditional Stretch Morgan and cast as The Marksman, a limited edition resin of 55. This is the original model, repainted in 1995 after casting. You can find this model in his original color on the Morgan Resincast page.

Bottom: white grey mare, customized from the Deb's Saddlebred resincast, Showtime; this one is #1 of a limited edition resin of 65 and is owned by Jenny Provencher

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