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ane Chapman started collecting model horses at the wee age of five, though it would be years before she discovered the "model horse world." That happened in 1976, when she found an ad in a horse magazine for the Model Horse Journal. Jane entered her first photo show in June 1976 with "two really bad pictures" (Shire on a leopard print blanket and a Quarter Horse Yearling standing directly in front of a tree three times as wide as she was).

Jane's been in the hobby pretty much non-stop since then (just a couple slow downs due to real life getting in the way), and has been customizing since 1976. Jane prefers handpainting with oils, but also does some airbrushing. Her favorite colors are pinto and roan.

Jane's family includes her husband, Rory, a cat Skitz, and two African Grey parrots named Elliot and Penny. Jane's currently horseless (she's had horses off and on since 1975). Jane's current
"job" is buying/selling antiques and collectibles on the internet.

Jane also has her own web site, which you should make sure to see after looking through her gallery! If you would like to get in touch with Jane, you may send email by clicking on her name.

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Photo credits:

Top: ER Sweet N Sassy, bay tobiano Arapinto mare customized from the Breyer Traditional Proud Arabian Mare and owned by Jane Chapman; created in 1988
Bottom: ER Steeldust, grulla Konic pony mare customized from the Breyer Traditional Cantering Welsh Pony and owned by Jane Chapman; created in 1993

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