A smaller version of Edmund, produced (initially) in resin; released 2010. About 3.5" tall. Donna talks about the history and creation of Little Ted:

lt has been 5 years since the last Connoisseur Club resin mini (Sleepy Shire 2005), such a long time, which has flown past so quickly. (And l still have to complete the mini that l had planned for 2006, an AQH in a sliding stop!) However, "Little Ted" has queue jumped and he has the distinction of having been the quickest horse l have ever completed. He was only started about a month ago, but because l copied the traditional Edmund he was very quick and easy to complete. l had planned to have Edmund digitally reduced, but l really could not afford the financial outlay, so as an experiment l transformed a wax master of the pulling drafter into a mini Edmund. l know it would be more logical to call him "little Ed", but anyone of my age group from GB will remember a pre school TV programme about an assortment of cuddly toys, and one was called Little Ted! Little Ted is a versatile chap, although designed as a Suffolk Horse Stallion he can also pass as a Percheron and other European Drafters.

Little Ted in chestnut (as Suffolk Punch)
Created 2010.

Little Ted in silver dapple
Created 2012.

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