4" high. See also Cupid page.

Venus in bay with cat
In bone china. 2008 China Connoisseurs Club.

Venus in brown with cat
In bone china.
Venus in white grey with Cupid in bay
In bone china. 2008 China Connoisseurs Club.

Venus in bay pinto with Cupid in bay pinto
In bone china.

Venus in glossy palomino
In bone china.

Venus in palomino with bag of carrots
In earthenware. Christmas 2008 SR; run of 25. Donna describes this piece: This Pretty Mare has a different tail which is decorated with a Festive red and Gold Ribbon, and she has more ribbons added to her mane and forelock, 2 on each side and one in the forelock. She is standing on a Wintry Snowy Base, and she is investigating the bag of carrots, which may have been left as a present for her : )

Venus is under glazed, fired twice and then glazed. lf these processes have been successful then all the detailing of the Carrots, Sack, Snow and Ribbons are over glazed, so this piece encompasses all of the techniques required for both Earthenware China and Bone China.

This highly detailed Sculpture has an unusually high total of pieces to assemble. The bag has to have the five carrots added separately, and there is an extra separate carrot lying in the snow. Each bag of carrots has to be added to the base. Venus has to have all of her ribbons added by hand after she has been completed........this is rather fiddly and very time consuming. (l know this to be true as l'm doing all the carrot and ribbon work myself!).

Venus in dapple greywith bag of carrots
In earthenware. Lone Star Live 2009 raffle horse. Image provided by Sue Stewart who describes this piece: a unique claybody custom VENUS, the mini Arabian mare glazed to a glorious star-dapple grey! She has red and gold bows in her forelock, mane and tail, and checking out a bag of carrots. She's on a snowy base -- she's a very special lady!

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