Christmas 2009 Special Run

Donna describes this run:

l must confess to always having wanted a Rocking Horse, and l suspect this is a commen desire for most little girls, and of course us older "girls" : ) Unfortunately l was never lucky enough to have one as a child, but l do have a fibreglass one now and l hope to one day have an old wooden one. Making this little horse in china has purely been to indulge my love of Rocking Horses.........l do realise that he is not going to be eligible for many classes in the show ring, but he is delightful in his own right. Pictured here with the Christmas tinsel and his teddy bear rider he has the power to transport me back to that seemingly more innocent age. He is only 4 inches high and 6 inches long so he can not be ridden, only rocked and admired. (And he does rock very nicely as he does not have a flat base). l have tried to include all of the characteristics of the classic Rocking Horses of the past, and to give him added age he has been painted in an antique finish, with round dapples and traditional tack.

This has been a challenging design to make in china, and l have been very pleased with how well he has come out.

Each horse is cast in Earthenware china,( the rockers are assembled from 5 separate components) and then his body coat colour is under glazed, before he is glazed. To complete all the tack details and to finish off the the rockers over glaze colour is added. So he is combining all the painting talents of both the AAA decorators Joanna and Lorainne. There will only be 25 Rocking Horses made in these colours and as l could not decide which colour rockers l preferred, l have left you with the choice of natural wood effect or the dark red painted finish. Each one will be numbered and stamped with the AAA logo.

This is a charming and unusual Limited Edition for this Silver Jubilee Animal Artistry year, he is available to order now for an early New Year delivery.

The teddy and tinsel is an optional extra for added effect, but teddy does not ride very well, as he is so small and his fully jointed limbs are very short!

Dapple grey Rocking Horse in with tan rocker
In earthenware. Shown with teddy bear rider.

Dapple grey Rocking Horse in with red rocker
In earthenware.

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