~3" tall

Hairy Dauntless in grulla sabino
In earthenware. Donna describes this run: August 2009 is the beginning of the Silver Jubilee year for Animal Artistry. This is my return to BreyerFest after a break of two years. l wanted to be able to offer a Special Run that was a good example of all that l have been trying to learn about china production in my absence. The reason that l have not left the Studio for the last two years is that there has been so much that l had to learn by trial and error. (lots of errors!) Hairy Dauntless has not been available in china before, so here he has debuted in this lovely new colour hot out the kiln. He has been produced in earthenware china and he has been finished in the beautiful Grullo colour with extensive sabino markings and a shaded mane and tail. Due to this technique, no two will ever be identical, each one will have his own character. Hairy Dauntless is a mini sized horse and he stands approx three inches high, and each horse is numbered, and has the Animal Artistry Alchemy stamp underneath.

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