Produced by Alchemy Ceramics. 3.5" tall

Freisan Mare bisque
In bone china.

Freisan Mare in dapple bay
In bone china.

Freisan Mare in palomino
In bone china. Artist proof copy.

Freisan Mare in silver dapple
In bone china. Known as "Black Forest" - Silver Jubilee SR for Animal Artistry company. Donna describes the meaning of this piece: August 2009 is the beginning of the Silver Jubilee year for Animal Artistry. l feel it is fitting that the Friesian Mare and the Boxing Shire are to be the first "Silver Jubilee" Special Editions to be released at the beginning of this special year for me. lt would be true to say that when l left the Car Factory (GM) to start my business l was not looking very far into the future..........usually only to the end of each week and l do feel very lucky to have survived for so long : ) This is due of course to my very loyal friends and customers who have continued to support me through thick and thin. l can not thank you enough for your continued enthusiasm and custom. l shall endeavour to continue making horses and ponies that will bring pleasure to you throughout the next 25 years! l have been trying to find a colour that could represent another breed, and so she has been finished in a dark Silver Dapple with a very creamy mane and and tail, a truly scrumptious combination. l can not help but think of her as a "Black Forest Gateau" Horse! She has been produced in Fine Bone China, and she stands approx 3 inches high and each one is numbered and has the Animal Artistry Alchemy stamp underneath.

Freisan Mare in silver dapple
Known as "Black Forrest" Silver Jubilee SR. Shown as "Mathilde," a liver chestnut Black Forest Coldblood mare. Image provided by owner Cindi Nakagawa.

Freisan Mare in chestnut pinto
In earthenware; custom color, high gloss.

Freisan Mare in leopard appaloosa
In earthenware.

Freisan Mare in honey roan (palomino sabino)
In earthenware. Custom color.

Freisan Mare in strawberry roan sabino
In earthenware. Custom color.

Freisan Mare in glossy white grey
In earthenware. With feline friend (ginger tabby).

Freisan Mare in glossy bay
In earthenware. With feline friend (ginger tabby).

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