2009 Halloween SR

Baby Bat Wing
In earthenware. Donna describes this piece: I am delighted to offer for sale this rather enchanting Halloween Special Run...........l know he will not be to every collectors taste, but he is one of my 25th Anniversary Specials made to celebrate my pleasure at being able to continue producing my horses and ponies. He will be offered in a small run of only 25 in the edition. Although each one is unique because they are all customized by myself at the Alchemy Studio, before they are produced in Earthenware China. This appealing and playful "Baby Bat Foal" is based on the welsh cob foal and he has been transformed by the addition of hisred serpent eyes, leathery winglets, cloven hooves and a the devilish curly tail. He prances barely touching the ground, gaining confidence to try out his wings and leaving slightly scorched earth beneath his tiny hooves.

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