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Rearing Arabian in dapple grey
2007 Special Run for Lone Star Live.

Rearing Arabian in glossy rose dapple grey
2010 Special Run for Scottsdale. Donna describes this piece: This year l have been able to fulfil a long held ambition to attend the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in Arizona USA. As a lifelong fan of the Arabian horse l longed to see the displays of fire and passion that Scottsdale is famous for. To celebrate my good fortune in actually obtaining a trade stand there this year it was a forgone conclusion that l must make a Special Run to mark the occasion. l also wanted to remember that l have been making china horses for three years now, the 27th February 2007 being the start of my exciting venture into the mysterious world of Alchemy Ceramics. Making this delicate rearing Arabian Stallion in Earthenware was initially thought to be too challenging for a special run, but he has turned out well, and l'm very happy with the results. Three years ago l did not even know how to switch on a kiln, so l feel that l have made significant progress : ) Each horse is cast in White Earthenware china, and then his body coat colour of Dapple Rose Grey is under glazed, before he receives his high Gloss over glaze. To complete the sculpture the rock is then hand painted with over glaze paint and each one is numbered and stamped with the AAA logo. He satands approx 5 inches high including the rock.

Rearing Arabian in bay
Donna describes this piece: This AAA mini sized Rearing Arabian Stallion has been cast in Earthenware China by Alchemy Ceramics. He is a one off custom colour, although Alchemy do reserve the right to produce this colour in the future, the markings would be different. This Stallion has been decorated in an attractive medium Mahogany Bay with extensive sabino markings which suits him so well. He stands approx. 5 inches tall.

Rearing Arabian in dapple rose grey
In bone china.

Rearing Arabian in dapple grey
In bone china; custom color.

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