Released 2010. Also in resin.

Arabian Knight as unicorn in white grey with silver horn/hooves
In bone china. 2010 Silver Jubilee SR, of 25.

Arabian Knight in red chestnut
In bone china. Donna describes this piece: This Exquisite AAA "Arabian Knight" mini was produced as a test colour to help me chose the colour of this years AAA China Connoisseur Club model. He has been finished in a Rich Shaded Red Chestnut with a lighter mane and tail.

Arabian Knight in palomino
In bone china; 2010 Connoisseur Club piece. Donna describes this piece: Arabian Knight has just been released for the first time in Fine Bone China and he lends himself so well to this medium. lt has been possible to replicate all the delicacy of his mane and tail, and in the glorious Palomino colouring you are able to see this detail very clearly. (Actually the standard run Arabian Knight has a more detailed tail than the one shown, he should have an extra cut out in the tail) l have never released a Palomino Connoisseur Club Edition before, so l hope that you will agree that this sculpture really lends himself to this beautifully shaded golden colour..

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