Stablemate scale cantering Mare, Released 2008. Mate of Taboo and dam of Imp.

Name unknown
Original sculpture; shown below with Imp. Sarah describes this piece: Like her beau, Vixen is saucy and sassy, with attitude to spare. Moving in a flirty trot, kinda swervy and pugnacious, she's still keeping her eye on her wee one while also shooting Taboo a bratty snarfle as if to say, "You're not the boss of ME!" She can be any number of breeds or mixes, so let loose your creativity! She's about the same size as Taboo, about 3" x 3" tip to tip and kinda looks like a female version of Stormwatch a bit, come to think of it :D So for those who can't afford Stormy himself, perhaps you might be interested in his miniaturized "sister."

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