Sarah comments: Her name alludes to the undying lands of Tolkien lore, and indeed, this warmblood mare’s enthusiasm seems to be unceasing :D She has the muscling and suppleness of an athlete, and the courage and willingness of a bold competitor, but for now, she’s simply happy to be running amok in the pasture!

From an original sculpture, she’s a whole lotta mare in a small package, being approximately 4.75 in. tall x 7.75 in. long x 1.23 in. wide (approximately LB size). She’s being solid cast by Resins by Randy, with reinforced legs and permanently affixed to her support base. And later this year (2005), I’m also going to release a second version of her with a tucked head and braids, so there’ll be Valinors gadding about all over the place. I’m also working on a buddy for her, who’ll be careening along in another phase of the gallop, but I don’t know when she’ll be finished.

Name unknown
Original sculpture.

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