Sarah describes this piece: This fiery spirit is expressing his zealous emotion, joyfully and exuberantly. Unpredictable and coiled...will he buck? Will he rear? Will he spring off at a full gallop? Will he spin to face you and snort? One thing is for sure....he’s full of beans! I always enjoy watching horses carry on when turned out, thrilling in their freedom as they express the joy of life in their own horsey way. Though the horse may be our domestic partner, he’s still wild at heart and amen to that!

Taboo is a stallion of universal type, and so could easily be any number of breeds or colors. But he is rangey and “coarse”, as I designed him on purpose, so keep that in mind when choosing breed assignments. He’s also a mini, being only about 4 inches long and 3 inches high. A quarter fits neatly under his belly :D But he’s a whole lotta horse in a tiny package! He has all the bravado and details he needs to stand out in a crowd of bigger cousins.

Stablemate scale. Matched to (favorite mare) Vixen and offspring Imp.

Name unknown
Original sculpture.

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