Small traditional scale gelding; released 2008.

Original sculpture of Stormwatch
Original sculpture. Sarah describes this piece: There truly are no "ugly" horses, only those with more character :) And Stormy certainly has that! He was inspired by the wonderful summer storms that roll through every season, with the dark looming skies, grumbling cracking thunder, flashing lightening, lush scents of wet landscape and warm tumultuous winds! It's thrilling, primeval and elemental! 

I wanted to express the chaotic power of an incoming storm through the passive kinetic parts of the horse while also giving painters something they can really sink their bristles into as a rare challenge. Fun with vortices! But clearly, Stormy is rather nonchalant about it all :) He's "popping" his lip as horses sometimes do when immersed in their own minds, which poses an amusing contrast to the turbulence swirling around him :D He also has squinty eyes against the wind, and twitchy ears to keep tabs on what's erupting around him. He also has four-point-wear hooves, with chips and growth rings, adding another layer of challenge for painters. And those bumps on him aren't mistakes--they're bug-bites. No fly spray on this guy! He's been feral for some time, and survived by his wits, determination and endurance...and perhaps with a sense of humor, too :D

He's a gelding, which adds to the complexity of his history, while also being something fresh in this stallion a-wash market. And he's of indefinite breeding, so go bonko with breed assignments, colors and patterns :D However, you might consider things other than "mustang" :) There are multitudes of plausible options discovered in a good horse breed book with a bit of imagination and observation. And don't forget the grace of the partbred or grade! 

He's a small traditional size, about 10 inches x 10 inches

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