Bandolero II
Bay Andalusian stallion customized from the Franklin Mint Noble Horse Andalalusian; owned by Renee Mareska

Dapple rose grey Andalusian stallion customized from the Chaney Andalusian resin and owned by Carrie Sapp

Silver dapple Andalusian stallion, customized from the Sarah Rose Libretto resin. Created 2007.

Dapple bay Barb stallion customized from the Breyer Porcelain Barb and owned by Karen Beeson; created in 1995

Bay splash Abaco Barb mare customized from the Donna Chaney "Bella Donna" resin. Created 2007.

Name Unknown
Dapple rose grey Lipizzaner stallion customized from the Kathleen Moody resin, "Palomar Elite," and owned by Bonnie Robb

Carlee Balling's Pavo Real resin painted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig; last known owner Jen Al-Biek.

Name Unknown
Reverse dapple dun Peruvian Paso stallion customized from the Buckler resin, "Raven," and auctioned off at the 1997 NAMHSA Auction

Name Unknown
Dapple dun Spanish-bred stallion customized from the Kristina Lucas' "Suspiro" and auctioned off at the 1997 Western Regional Congress; created in 1997

Name Unknown
Dun rabicano roan Iberian mare customized from the Breyer Stablemate Citation and owned by Kimberly Harvey

Name Unknown
Dun Spanish breed stallion customized by Lynn Fraley and painted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig; owned by unknown

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