Name Unknown
"Hey, Ma, I can't see!" "Who turned the lights out?!" "I'm BLIND! I'm BLIND!!" Grulla tobiano Shetland pony stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Misty, shown as "Hollywood Hardy," and owned by Kimberly Harvey. To my knowledge, this is the only model horse customized intentionally without eyes!

One-Eyed Jack
Silver dapple Shetland pony stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Misty and owned by Crysta Allen

Chestnut tobiano Shetland pony stallion customized from the North Light Shetland; owned by Erin Naas

Name Unknown
Chestnut tobiano Shetland pony stallion customized from the Breyer Shetland Pony by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig and painted by Lynn Fraley; owned by unknown

Tom Thumb
Smutty buckskin tobiano Shetland pony filly customized from the Hagen-Renaker Mini Shetland Pony foal and owned by Elizabeth Bouras

Winter Silver Dapple Shetland pony mare, customized from the Lynn Fraley/Laf'nBear Netzky resin. Created 2008. Sarah describes this piece: With a namesake as luscious as she is, I've painted her according to my "favorite sweet" theme! I love the silky, decadent, melt-in-your-mouth chocolately goodness of a's like cocoa silky mist in your mouth. I can very easily go through a whole box of truffles in one sitting, making myself sick in the process, but oh-so gluttonously content.

So just like that scrumptious mouthful, I've painted her a delicious Silver Dapple, with an expression as sweet as the sweet! Since she's a fuzzy one, I've painted her Silver Dapple in its winter manifestation, whereas ordinarily in a summer coat, her variation of Silver Dapple would be the "classic" Silver-on-black "Merrylegs" color. I've used lots of hand-painted brushwork to accentuate her fuzziness, both in her coat, feathers and mane and tail. I've also painted soil staining on the end of her tail and on her footsies, including her stocking on her right hindleg. I think this adds to the realism of winter weather, and accentuates that she's a sturdy little pony who can survive just fine outside, the way nature intended. She also has correctly shaded hooves for a Silver Dapple, being slightly striped and of a mid-tone between "dark" and "shell."

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