Sculpted completed 2007. This piece is also available in china. This piece depicts an energetic three-week old foal. Traditional size foal, about 7 inches x 6.5 inches. Released for "pour date" ordering through 9/1/2007.

Name Unknown
Original sculpture.

Zebra dun frame overo grade filly, created 2007. Sarah describes the creation of this piece (created soon after the loss of her Arabian, Dar): Her name, Leteeshah, is a play on the Latin word, "letitia", which means "joy". And she truly was a joy to create, a wonderful balm on my sad heart :) I mean...there's no way anyone can be blue with that little mug staring at cha all day! She's a zebra dun frame overo (say that 10 times), painted properly as a foal, from reference photos. She was painstakingly prepped by myself, and painted in acrylics and color pencil, with an airbrush, drybrushing and lots of hand detailing. Of course, she's loaded with lots of tidbits, from her subtly accentuated coronet hairs to her shaded mane and tail, and you can even faintly see the zebra barring on her legs, though her ear tipping and her dorsal stripe are more pronounced. To complement her fuzzy coat, I painted her naturally so she actually looks fuzzy, plus her markings aren't stark white and her hooves are a bit dirty (which is most evident on the pale hoofie). She's been out, running amok and proud of it. She'd do it again <wink>.

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