Name unknown
Chestnut lightbreed; created 2004.

Name unknown
Grey pinto lightbreed; created 2004.

2005 Ferral Mare medallion
2005 Feral Mare medallion cast in resin, created 2007. Sarah describes this piece: This particular medallion depicts a dun mare with some fun sunburnt red tips in her mane and tail, some pangare areas, a hazel eye and no markings, with lots of soft facial detailing. The background is rendered in shaded tones of metallic blue, purple, bronze and green to accentuate her nice coloring. The outer border is painted metallic gold and the back is painted black, and is signed and dated. It's approximately a 5 inches x 3.50 inches oval resin cast.

Jax jumping stallion medallion
Original resin master, created 2009. Originally released in ceramic.

Reflective medallion
Resin master for WB medallion, created 2009. Originally released in ceramic.

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