Jungle Party
Bay sabino mule foal customized from the Breyer Traditional Stormy and owned by Jenny Palmer

Dun Przewalski stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Hobo and owned by Daphne MacPherson

Other Performance
A Prezwalski stallion, created by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig, turns out to be a little more trouble than expected! Setup created by Daphne Macpherson. Photo taken at WRC 1994 by Elaine Lindelef.

Baxter Black
Bay semi-leopard Appaloosa mule customized from the North Light Mule and owned by Ann Bilon

Sir Topham Hat
Dapple grey mule john customized from the Kathleen Moody resin, "Aristotle," and owned by Cari Zisk

Strawberry roan blanketed Appaloosa mule john customized from the Hagen-Renaker mini Mule and owned by Karyl-Lynne Tirk

Jackie O
Bay leopard Appaloosa hinny molly customized from a Lefton and previously owned by Gail Berg

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