Name Unknown
Dapple chestnut Suffolk stallion customized from the North Light Suffolk and owned by Jenny Palmer

Chestnut draft customized from the Breyer walking Shire by Sarah and painted by Lynn Fraley; owned by Lisa Anne Donnelly

Dapple grey Percheron stallion, a one-of-a-kind repainted Eustis sculpture of "The Showman"; owned by Janet Piercy.

Name Unknown
Chestnut Belgian customized from the Breyer Stablemate Drafter; owned by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig

Francais Lalique
Strawberry roan Auxois mare customized from the Breyer Stablemate Drafter; owned by Janet Piercy

Heavy Duty
Blue roan Ardennais stallion customized from the Breyer Stablemate Drafter; owned by Daphne Macpherson

Silver dapple draft stallion customized from the Donna Chaney Boxing Shire; created 2007.

Blue Frost
Dapple Grey Shire stallion customized from the Lynn Fraley Laf'nBear Bram'll Blue Boy resin; created 2009. Sarah describes this piece: Fresh out of the studio comes Blue Frost, that Laf'nBear Bram'll Blue Boy I've been painting, on and off, for the better part of a year as I figured out some painting methods. This guy got his name by a combination of the edition's fun title and the fact that it's been snowing big, fat flakes all day long. We must've gotten about two inches of snow today! So between that and his "snowflakey" dapples, "Blue Frost" was it. He was so fun to paint, even though my eyes were crossing at regular intervals!

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