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wyla Brower Wehnes was born and raised in Calgary where the Western heritage rubbed off on her. She has been in love with horses as long as she can remember. Fortunately, Twyla has been able to mix her love for horses with artistic talent that garnered her a scholarship in high school and led to three years as a painting major at the Alberta College of Art.

Twyla makes full use of the diverse community of horse enthusiasts in Calgary. She spends many hours collecting reference material for her artwork at venues that vary from the prestigous Spruce Meadows show jumping facility to rodeos, harness racing and miniature donkey exhibits. When Twyla captures an image she likes, her goal is to work up a piece of art that captures the personality and spirit of the subject.

Working in pencil, watercolor and oils, Twyla's work is done both for exhibit and on a commissioned basis. She won first place at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto in the pen and ink division of the Canadian Association of Equine Artists and Supporters exhibit. Also, her works have been juried into such prestigous shows as the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Western Art Auction and the Harness Tracks of America Art Competition in Lexington, Kentucky.

If you'd like to contact Twyla, you may reach her by the email link from her name or her snail-mail address below:
Twyla Brower Wehnes
704 Olympia Cr, S.E.
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Photo Credit:And the Winner Is..., watercolor/colored pencil; created in 1995.

Mom & Me
Drawn in colored pencil

Look Ma I'm an Arab
This colored pencil portrait piece measures 8" x 10"

Post Parade Portrait
This watercolor and colored pencil piece measures 10.5" x 16"

All Done
This colored pencil portrait piece measures 21" x 27"

High Stepper
This ink-drawn portrait piece measures 8" x 10"

Mr Hobman's Dapple Greys
This ink-drawn portrait piece measures 8" x 10"

This pencil portrait piece measures 8" x 10"

This pencil portrait piece measures 20" x 26" a tribute to this horse who was tragically killed in a trailering accident

Ahhhh...That's the Spot!
Watercolor; created in 1996.

Sonny & Duke
Colored pencil; created in 1995

Heza Wild One
Watercolor/colored pencil; created in 1996.

Target & Wendy
Watercolor/colored pencil; created in 1995

Pepper's Yo Bar "Bar"
Colored pencil; owned by Michelle Grant

KC (Kinda Cute)
Colored pencil; created in 1994

Sweet Spot
Pencil; created in 1996.

Best Seat in the House
Pencil; created in 1994.

Racin' the Wind
Ink; created in 1995. 1st place Ink Drawing at the 1995 Canadian Association of Equine Artists Royal Winter Fair

Oils; created in 1997

The Phoenix
Pencil; created in 1997

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