This company is based in New Jersey and produces hundreds of different molds and sizes of horses, in varying colors each year. These models are a staple of the hobby--the majority of buying/selling/customizing that goes on is done with Breyers. Because they are produced in colors which are discontinued every year, Breyers are very collectible. (Molds usually had the same color(s) for a number of years before changing.) The more time that passes, the more valuable they become. Breyer also often produces "special-run" models, or common molds produced in special colors in a limited edition of anywhere from 5 to 2500 pieces. These are highly sought-after, and depending on the model, values on these can increase 100-500% within a year or two of selling out. Breyer models are usually plastic and can be bought at many toy stores for current colors. Special runs are available for limited events, and discontinued models are often only available from dealers and other collectors. (Information for this writeup was obtained from the Jackie Hamilton's Model Horse Web Page and from Janet Piercy.)

When perusing this gallery, you'll notice that there are often duplicate colors shown; the reason for this is to show the different color shades that can occur from one model to another. Also, photography varies and makes a model appear darker, lighter, or in better contrast. By showing more than one picture, viewers can get a sense of the differences that can be found for each mold and color.

I'd like to thank the following people for contributing extensively to the Breyer Gallery: Teresa Fedak, Daphne Macpherson, and especially to Peri Riggins, Traci Hilbert, who both contributed over 200 photos each!! There are many, many others who have contributed many pictures as well, thanks to all of you! Please do not download any photos contributed by Daphne Macpherson (formerly Cascade models).

Breyer's company web site includes a look up (by zip code) to help you find local dealers as well as other news and information on the line.

A special note: please do not write to me asking for values for your Breyers. I have no idea! I don't have a value guide and don't know the current prices on any original finish models.

Breyers come in four familar sizes: Traditional (Adults: 8-9", foals: 6"), Classic (Adults: 6-7", foals:4"), Little Bit, later named Paddock Pals, (5", no foals), Stablemate (Adults: 3", foals: 1"-2"), and the new Micro Minis (Adults ~1", foals ~1/2"). Ponies are about the same scale as Classic. Plush pieces stand 12-16" high. Wind Dancers are about 18" (with tail/wings). Mini-Whinnies are about 0.5 to 1" high. Here is a table that might help with scale.

Besides these different sizes, Breyer also has a line of fired and cold-cast porcelain models to compliment their regular line of plastic models.

A short history of ceramic copies of Breyer molds.

Here's a photographic collection of some of the history of boxes Breyer has used, thanks to Corrie McDermottd.

Here's Janice Cox's "Identify Your Breyer" website.

Photo credits above: Breyer sizes, scanned in from the 1995 Breyer catalog

Breyer sometimes "reuses" a sculpture. At left is an example of Kathleen Moody's work. On the left is the cold cast porcelain Leandro, in the middle the porcelain Spanish Barb and on the right porcelain Adriano. Image provided by Lauren Tapley.

Annually, Breyer has a few events for collectors. These inclue Breyer tour stops, BreyerWest, BreyerFest and Lone Star Experience. For specific dates and information, check out the Breyer company website.

2008 retired pieces. 2009 new pieces. 2012 retired pieces.




PADDOCK PALS SERIES, Originally released as Little Bits

You'll find the "realistic" molds listed by breed below, with the more recent haired molds at the Paddock Pals link.



History on the "generations" of stablemates.

Click on the photo or word link to see more ornaments for Christmas. These are (plastic) original sculptures not based on other molds (with added tack). Shown is the Snowfire Princes Stirrup ornament released in 2006; image provided by Melodie Dowell.

Mini Whinnies



Companion Animals

Cattle (traditional scale, collectibulls)

Dogs (excluding companion animals)

Other Animals (wildlife, cats, etc.)


Bath toys

Tack, vehicles, props, etc.

Equine Jewelry


Photo credits:

Traditional: Tara,Cantering Welsh Pony; photo scanned in from the 1995 Breyer Catalog

Classic Arabian Mare: Arabesque, owned by Casey Rhodes

Classic Thoroughbred: Ruzcka,Terrang in Bay, a Thoroughbred gelding owned by Debbie Moore

Littlebit: Quest's Justagift,Clydesdale/Shire in Dapple Grey, a Special Run for the Cleveland Toy Store owned by Debbie Moore

Stablemate: 1997 Stablemates (An Arab Mare is also shown); photo provided by Mane Connection

Stablemate: Circa 2003 Stablemates; perhaps BreyerFest SRs; photo by unknown.

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