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lizabeth Bouras, of Amarna Productions has been in this hobby for almost 30 years (since 1972), and I still remember several very old issues of Just About Horses which featured her customizing articles; they helped to inspire me to do my own customs years ago!

She was one of the first people in the hobby to release her own resincasts--first her standing Arabian, and then her Fjord!

Elizabeth uses a combination of acrylics and airbrush to create her stunning paint jobs and has a great talent for mixing rich, vibrant colors. Though she favors Arabians, she enjoys customizing all breeds and does a *mean* spotted paint job of any type!

It's a rare thing to have a roommate who also customizes model horses, but Elizabeth is lucky enough to have Judy Renee Pope living with her. Not only do they inspire one another, they collaborate on pieces; Judy does the majority of customizing and sculpting on Elizabeth's pieces (which Elizabeth doesn't like to do as much), and once she's done, Elizabeth takes over with a masterful paint job. What a great set-up!!

Since Elizabeth and Judy do so many collaborative pieces, you'll notice a large number of pieces in this gallery that were customized by Judy but painted by Elizabeth. I decided that since both Elizabeth and Judy have their own gallery, I would sort the collaborative models into each gallery based on who painted the model.

If you would like to get in touch with Elizabeth, you can visit her web page; or, her email and snail mail address are below:

Amarna Productions
Elizabeth Bouras
PO Box 1065
Washington Grove, MD 20880

The Bouras Gallery


Customized Models

Photo Credits:
Top Standing Arabian:
This is one of Elizabeth's Standing Arabian resins in dapple rose grey, last owned by Allie Davidson; created in 1994

Bottom Standing Arabian: Red bay; created in 1996

Fjord: This is one of her sold-out Fjord resins in yellow dun; created in 1993

Appaloosa: Chestnut leopard Appaloosa gelding customized from the Breyer Traditional Lady Phase and owned by Emily Hallock; created in 1990

Paint: Blue roan overo Paint stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Stock Horse Stallion and owned by Nickie Hunter; created in 1991

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