Morgan in chestnut
Custom glazed Chris Jolly Covenant Kept; photo from Pauline Entin.

Morgan in flaxen liver chestnut
Shown as "REM American Revolution." Custom glazed Donna Chaney/Animal Artistry mini Morgan. Owned and photographed by Cindi Nakagawa.

Freisan in Glossy Dapple Grey
Maureen Love Freisian custom glazed by Joan Berkwitz to dapple grey gloss. Owned by Sharon Carabajal.

Kathman Loki in White Grey
Bay silver dapple tobiano Icelandic Horse mare. Glazed by Joan Berkwitz. Joan describes this piece: Loki is a small Classic scale Icelandic Horse sculpted by Lesli Kathman, and issued in resin. Lesli and I made a run of them in about the year 2000, and this Loki is one that I kept for myself. Lesli did the pattern, and I airbrushed the color. She's a bay silver tobiano with some primitive marking expression on her legs, as ponies sometimes get. Her tobiano shows in minimal markings. One leg is white up into the shoulder, two legs are high white, one has a sock. She has a little bit of white peeking from under her mane on her right side. She has a pink nose too. Her forehead has a fuzzy swirl which is very sweet.

Sue Sifton Dollar in Dappled Rose Grey
Rose grey stock stallion. Glazed by Joan Berkwitz. Created 2007. Joan describes this piece: Karen Grimm is producing this gorgeous sculpture by Sue Sifton, a portrait of Karen's real Champion, Dollar. He is being offered in earthenware, as either bisques or custom glazed pieces. Karen came and visited recently here at Pour Horse, and we worked on this very first custom glazed piece on the Dollar bisque. This horse is dappled rose grey. He is finished in a satin glaze, which has a gentle semi-gloss finish and brings out his color beautifully. In person, he is slightly less rosy than these pictures look. His dapples were done in layers, in five bisque firings, to give soft edges and varied intensity to his coat. With beautiful, big tri-colored eyes and a dappled forehead, he is going to be very attractive and attention-getting in the showring. He is just under 6" tall to his eartips, and just a little longer than 10" from nose to tail..

Kristina Lucas Francis Constantine in bay roan sabino
Bay roan sabino lightbreed stallion. Glazed by Joan Berkwitz. Created 2008. Joan describes this piece: Kristina Lucas sculpted this Little Bit sized piece, called Constantine. I (Joanie Berkwitz) glazed him in a bay roan sabino, with lots of nice detail. He has tons of belly spotting and a very pretty face. Not very many glazed Constantines are out there, and this is the only one that I glazed. He has a lot of character and he's a very nice little piece.

Fraley PHP tile
Joan describes the four tiles created as awards for the 2009 Breakables at the BreyerFest Birthday Bash:

Here are the prizes for Breakables at Breyerfest!! These will be for the Pour Horse classes, and I'm very pleased to be able to supply awards for this fantastic show.
The tile sculpt was done by Lynn Fraley in 2000, as a gift when she and Barry were coming down to visit. I have always sort of hoarded these...! Less than a dozen have ever been made. They are fairly large, about 6 1/2 incbes square. The detail is just beautiful! I love the Celtic Knot motif, the leaping horse, and the painstakingly and perfectly executed lettering. So, having kept them mostly to myself (I have five hanging in the barn, and have only parted with a couple as awards) I consider them to be very, very special and important.

The glazes are Mayco Elements, and they are quite a bit richer and more subtle in person. I am sure that the people who win them will enjoy them. So, they are off to Maggie today, along with my best wishes for the show, the participants, and Maggie!

Fraley PHP tile
Created 2009.

Fraley PHP tile
Created 2009.

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