Clydesdale in bay
Custom glazed Hagen-Renaker Clydesdale; photo from Pauline Entin.

Belgian in chestnut
Custom glazed Sarah Rose Oberon, created in ceramic by Alchemy; photo from Pauline Entin.

Oakwood Emperor
OF Marcherware Sarah Rose Oberon, created in bone china by Alchemy. Owned and photographed by Cindi Nakagawa.

Belgian in chestnut ruano
Custom body by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig, custom glazed Collier by Joan Berkwitz.

Knabstrapper in bay leopard appaloosa
Claybody custom Collier by Sarah Minkiewicz-Berunig, custom glazed by Joan Berkwitz; created 2007.

Lucas Francis Saucy in Chestnut
Chestnut grade draft mare. Glazed by Joan Berkwitz. Joan describes this piece: This TEST Saucy dates from the very earliest days of Pour Horse. She was from the original early run, before I really knew how to airbrush! She's a solid, unshaded chestnut with a grey muzzle and lighter sorrel lower legs, and grey hooves. This Saucy is a test for a matte glaze, and the glaze turned silvery. Matte glazes are very difficult to do, and particularly when you don't know what you are doing at all, they are very likely to turn on you. So this little gal is silvery in her contours. She has tri-eyes, and a plain blue ribbon. She is marked with the OLD rubber stamp, which is round and says 'Pour Horse" but is otherwise undated. I only used this stamp on a few horses, it was unreliable and not terribly readable. For collectors of Pour Horse, this is a great horse to have, she is truly unique. She's the only matte test on the original color.

Chaney Boxing Shrie in bay roan sabino
Bay roan sabino Clydesdale stallion. Glazed by Joan Berkwitz. Joan describes this piece: This is an intensely detailed Boxing shire, a wildly roany sabino bay. The closer you look, the more you see! His eyes have more detail than shows in the photos... they have brown irises too.

Chaney Boxing Shrie in dapple grey tobiano
Dapple grey tobiano grade draft stallion. Glazed by Joan Berkwitz. Joan describes this piece: Fully detailed and with a very kind expression. His satin glaze shows off his dappling perfectly! Priced right to start off your show season!.

Chaney Boxing Shrie in palomino
Palomino grade draft stallion. Glazed by Joan Berkwitz. Joan describes this piece: This little Boxing Shire is intricately dappled under his warm palomino coat, and finished in an excellent satin glaze. His eyes are brown/black, and his base is painted to resemble brown soil. He just came out of the kiln and is ready to show! A very sweet expression.

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