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ophie Bergström, who is from Sweden, is a wonderful addition to our growing number of foreign artists represented here in the Model Horse Gallery. She has been in the hobby since 1986 and began customizing in 1992. She paints with oils and also uses an airbrush; depending on the model, she either sculpts the mane and tail or uses mohair for just the right look.

Sophie enjoys customizing Breyers and works hard to improve her abilities; she challenges herself by repositioning molds into different gaits and experimenting with various angles to see how well they work for each mold. Realism is of paramount importance to Sophie and it's always her goal to make each model as life-like as possible. As time goes by, she is finding that the molds she starts out customizing end up becoming armatures, far-removed from the original finish Breyer they once were. In the future, Sophie is planning to create a resincast, probably of a stock horse.

Sophie lives in northern Sweden in a city called Umeå. She is a dentist nurse, working toward becoming a dental technician. She has spent almost all of her life to horses in one way or another. She owns one horse, a QH mare, named Similitude, from California, USA.

Sophie has customized models since 1992 and really loves doing that.

If you would like to contact Sophie, her email and snail mail address are below:

Sophie Bergström
Uppförsbacken 3 E
913 41 OBBOLA

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Photo credits:

Top: Ahvar Mirah, dapple bay Arabian mare customized from the Breyer Classic Arabian Mare and owned by Maria Tengberg; created in 1996
Bottom: Landadel, bay Holsteiner stallion customized from the Breyer Classic Man O' War and owned by Christine Bohm; created in 1995

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