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arole Bengson, of El Establo Dorado, received her first Breyer when she was 8. It was the Shetland Pony in Alabaster and that horse is still a valued part of her ever growing herd. Carole really began collecting in her teens and that is when she purchased her very first horse, the Proud Arabian Stallion in Mahogany Bay. He has been head of the herd ever since.

Carole started out having live model horse shows with her friends who got her into collecting, and she remembers making Arabian costumes for the Arab Costume class and they won hands down. Many years later, when Carole was into other art projects and displaying her paintings in craft shows, she thought, "what the heck" and put in a few of the model horse costumes. They were a hit.

Carole then moved on to displaying her costumes at the local Arabian horse shows and did very well. She has been making them ever since, refining them over the years, and now with the computer age, Carole finds it wonderful to be able to display her costumes on her web page. She never dreamed she would be doing this into her 40s.

One of her friends and Carole still collect the Breyers and every year are excited to see what new models come out. She has tried my hand at remaking and repainting the models, but the costumes take up most of her time so she doesn't do much remaking any longer.

Carole lives with 3 cats and in the cold winter months in Minnesota, she find there is much more time to spend creating the costumes she so enjoys putting together out of bits of jewelry, velvet, and fringe.

If you would like to contact Carole, please click on her name or visit her web site.

The Bengson Gallery

Arabian Costume
Proud Arab Stallion in Alabaster #211 shown as "Aramis" in hand made
costume of blue satin and rhinestones with fringe and tassels. Costume made
by and horse owned by Carole Bengson.

Arabian Costume
The Black Stallion (Majestic Arab mold) shown as "Black Hawk" in hand made
costume by Carole Bengson.

Arabian Costume
Prancing Arab Stallion known as "Equus" #983, shown with red velvet and
rhinestone costume by Carole Bengson.

Arabian Costume shown on Salero
Palomino Morab stallion. Repaint of the Breyer Proud Arab Stallion by Carole B. shown in black velvet costume with dark blue beads as fringe at breast collar and adorning the saddle. Costume by Carole Bengson of El Establo Dorado.

Arabian Costume
Breyer majestic Arab stallion known as "Equus" with teal and silver costume made by Carole Bengson of El Establo Dorado.

Arabian Costume
Breyer Huckleberry Bey modeling gold costume made by Carole Bengson of El Establo Dorado.

Bey Sultan
Bay Arabian Stallion customized from the Proud Arab Stallion. Head and feet moved by Ashleigh Morgan, Haired and repainted by Carole Bengson. Owned by Carole Bengson.

Lucero del Oro
Palomino Lusitano stallion. Repainted from the Legionario III model. Repainted and owned by Carole Bengson.

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