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andy Bendel-Gaertner has been in the hobby since the mid-1980s, though she dropped out for a while when she was in college. After she moved from New Hampshire to Texas in 1992, Sandy started to get involved again. She met Carrie Sapp, who got her excited about the hobby, and from there everything's really taken off.

Sandy's been customizing for since 1995 years and paints primarily in airbrush with all details painted by hand. She uses her airbrush similar to watercoloring by applying thin layers of color from light to dark. Sandy enjoy both customizing and painting resins and has done everything from correcting conformation flaws to major remakes like a Family Arabian Mare to a flying gallop.

Update, October 2006 from Sandy: I have been out of the hobby loop for ages. My kids are now 6 and 4 1/2 and I am slowly getting a life ;-0 I have re-opened my painting books, etc...if anyone even remembers who I am.

If you would like to get in touch with Sandy, you can contact her by email by clicking on her highlighted name.

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Photo credits:
Patchwork Lancelot, grulla overo Paint stallion customized from the Chris Nandell resin, Cruise Controll, and owned by Carrie Sapp

Bottom: Sock Broker, palomino Quarter Horse stallion customized from the Chris Jolly resin, Reboc Doc and owned by Sandi Bendel-Gaertner

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