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homas Bainbridge is one of our hobby's "hottest" artists, and has been doing models for many years. In the past he didn't advertise his work, but nevertheless, he slowly gathered a following over the years through word of mouth and from one judge to another as the handful of hobbiests who had his pieces campaigned their models to victories in countless photo and live shows.

In 1995, Thomas finished his first resincast, an Arabian he named Renaissance (see photo above). Advertisements showed up in many of the main model horse magazines and, for the first time, the entire hobby population discovered the remarkable and talented artist behind Triangle Productions. Thomas debuted his new resin at the 1995 Breyerfest, also bringing with him an astonishing assortment of repainted and customized models for sale, as well as the master for his next resincast, a Hackney pony stallion named Libertango! I don't know exactly how many models he brought, but I'd say it must have been at least 25-40 horses...he didn't go home with more than a handful, if any!!

If you would like to get in touch with Thomas, his email and snail mail addresses are below:

Thomas Bainbridge | website
5845 N.43 1/2 Road
Monton, MI 49663
(Please remember to include a self-addressed-stamped-envelope with any inquiries)

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Photo credits:

Arabian: Dapple bay stallion, a custom-painted Bainbridge resin, Renaissance; created in 1995
Hackney: Bay stallion, a custom-painted Bainbridge resin, Libertango; created in 1997
Draft: Dapple grey Shire stallion customized from the resin sold via Chaney, Royal Tara; created in 1997
Paint: Grulla tobiano mare, customized from the Breyer Traditional Lady Phase
Thoroughbred: Dapple Bay Thoroughbred, customized from the Pat Kasper head bust and owned by Thomas Bainbridge; created in 1997

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