The company which actually produces this collection of resin model horses is unknown to me at this time. These pieces were released in the Summer of 1998. Left: Mare And Foal, "Rose" and her foal "America" frolic in the fields of Grant's Farm in St. Louis; this is an open edition


Full Parade Dress
The Clydesdale "Jim" and his dalmatian fried "Bud" appear in full parade dress; this is an open edition

"Winston" and "Annie" the dalmatian enjoy the comfort of the Clydesdale stables; this is an open edition

Clydesdale Football
Roy and Rick enjoy a friendly game of football, based on the popular TV commercial; this piece is limited up to 10,000

An Apple For King
A legendary member of the Clydesdale team, "King" gently accepts a gift from a friend; this is an open edition

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